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Welcome To Nightingale

Nursing  in the UK and Ireland

We are an NHS approved agency and can assist nurses with their NMC application and securing a Tier 2 working visa with a UK Sponsor.

We assist nurses find suitable placements with both NHS Trusts and Independent residential and care homes throughout the UK including Northern Ireland.

We also find placements for nurses seeking to work in the Republic of Ireland.

We welcome enquiries from qualified nurses from the Philippines and India and other nationalities who  have yet to apply to the NMC and would like our assistance, or those who have already applied and have, or are waiting for, decision letters. We can also assist with the CBT revision.

Nursing degrees in the UK

We can assist with applications  for bachelors and masters degrees including one year top up degrees at several UK universities.


Nightingale is based in the UK.  We  have associates in India, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka and China.

Our services include:

·         Working together with universities and colleges in the UK and globally.

·         Assisting British and international students, businesses and governments find suitable courses.

·         Assisting with applications and visa issues.

.         Wide range of courses throughout year in UK, Canada and US.

We can arrange English courses in the UK for individuals and groups, summer and winter group activity tours in UK and other countries, university enrolment in the UK, Canada and US, and arrange Tier 2 working visas with an employment contract and permanent residency for qualified nurses.



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